ADSS 2020 Flash Report:

Is The British Economy Ready For Brexit?

Finally regaining majority in the House of Commons, the UK government will likely try to push the Brexit Withdrawal Bill through parliament as fast as possible and with little resistance before the deadline. However, this only marks the beginning of the Brexit process. The UK and the EU must still negotiate on the future of their relationship during the transition period. 

The transition period remains particularly tricky as Johnson has already said that he has no intention to extend it, raising prospects for a no-deal Brexit in 2020. 

Is Britain really ready for Brexit? Will there be a trade deal between the UK and the EU? Will looser fiscal policy help the British economy? How will the FTSE100 and sterling be impacted?

Our report will provide you with more clarity on the topic.

Report Highlights

  • Will the BoE be more aggressive in 2020?
  • Will the UK’s fiscal policy be dampened by fading investments?
  • Is Johnson’s hard line Brexit transition period what the FTSE100 needs?

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