ADSS 2020 Q3 Flash Report:

The US & Australia: New Economic Trend in COVID-19’s Aftermath

With more than 11 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 infections, unprecedented levels of stimulus measures and massive layoffs across the world, the speed and severity pandemic’s economic damage has been extremely quick and large. With the economic contraction resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic likely peaking during March and April in most major economies, what will the rest of the year look like? In particular, what should be expected for the upcoming quarter of the year, especially since the S&P500 has managed to recover more than 40% since its recent bottom on March 23rd?

Our report will look at the record levels of fiscal and monetary stimulus in the US and its impact on the future of the US economy and the dollar. Also, with the resurgence of Covid-19 infections in the US. How will this affect the market expectations for an economic rebound in the upcoming quarter?

Another key economy in the global backdrop is Australia. The country economic relationship with China and commodity prices presents an interesting dynamic amid the Covid-19 crisis. While China has reopened its economy, demand for commodities still continues to suffer as the global economy contracts. Will Australia be able recover from its most severe recession over the past 28 years?

Our “2020 Q3 Flash Report — The US & Australia: New Economic Trend in COVID-19’s Aftermath” will provide you the insight.

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Report Highlights

  • Is a V-shaped recovery back to pre-COVID level unrealistic for the US?
  • Australia has a relatively bright economic outlook even in the “worst time”?
  • Technical analysis on USD, AUD

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