ADSS 2020 Q2 Flash Report:

2020 Tokyo Olympics is a “Life or death” situation for Japan’s economy?

The year started out strong but hit a wall when the coronavirus outbreak started. Now the virus has spread to almost every country and threatens to put the world into a global recession. Stock markets fell back to 2017’s levels, oil prices dropped as much as 50% from the start of the year and currencies hit new lows.

Cases of the coronavirus across Europe and the US has surged over March, prompting central banks and governments to roll out stimulus packages to help relieve some of the potential economic damage.

Also, some of the important issues we look at will be the effects of the coronavirus on demand for Japanese exports, a possible global supply crunch and the after effects of the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics.

Our “2020 Q2 Flash Report — 2020 Tokyo Olympics, a 'Life or Death' situation for Japan's economy?” will provide you the insight.

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Report Highlights

  • How is the Japanese economy impacted under the Coronavirus spreading?
  • Why is the 2020 Olympics so important to Japan’s economy?
  • How would the Bank of Japan react without the Olympics?
  • Technical analysis on JPY, USD, XAU etc.

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