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Which is the strongest currency?

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Lantern Riddle

The Mid-Autumn Festival is the traditional Chinese festival for the full moon, which symbolizes family reunion. Other than the sweet mooncakes, one of the festival traditions is to solve “lantern riddles”. To celebrate the mooncake festival, ADSS would like to invite you to play the lantern riddle with us, we have prepared total value over US$3,000 prizes for the lucky ones! Make sure to participate by September 22.

Which is the strongest currency?

Make a guess which currency would have the greatest growth (or the least drop) against USD in percentage between Sep 9 and 30?*

Example 1:
If GBP and CAD both have the greatest growth of 5.572% against USD, the participants who have picked GBP and CAD will enter the Lucky Draw.
Example 2:
If all GBP, EUR, JPY and AUD have dropped 5.572% while CAD has only dropped 4.123% against USD, the participants who picked CAD will enter the Lucky Draw.
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The ADSS Analyst Team provides professional daily commentary and market updates regularly, you might find some ideas here. 


If you have picked the right currency, you will automatically enter the lucky draw for prizes*:

Prizes No. of Winner

US$400 Amazon Gift Card


US$200 Amazon Gift Card


US$100 Amazon Gift Card


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