Deposit and withdrawal methods


What are the deposit methods provided by ADSS?

ADSS provides a variety of different deposit methods for customers in different regions to help you deposit funds into your trading account quickly and easily.

  • Bank wire transfer
    Bank wire transfer funds will be deposited into the customer trading account within 1 to 2 working days after we receive the payment into our HSBC Hong Kong. Please ensure that the full name of the bank account holder is the same as the ADSS MT4 trading account holder. For ADSS's HSBC account information, please click here.
  • VISA, MasterCard credit card and financial check-in card
    You can also use credit card and financial credit card with VISA or MasterCard logo to deposit money, which is simple and fast, with no maximum limits on the amount of your daily deposit.
  • BipiPay and GSD Pay
    We have long-standing partnerships with third-party payment platforms such as BipiPay and GSD Pay to provide convenient and secure access to funds for customers in mainland China.
    Please click here for BipiPay deposits.
    Please click here for GSD Pay deposits.
  • Payment Asia (VND/MYR/THB/IDR)
    Customers in Southeast Asia can use Payment Asia to deposit money into MT4 trading accounts in local currency (Vietnamese Dong/Malaysian Ringgit/Thai Baht/Indonesian Rupiah).
  • NETELLER and Skrill E-wallets
    You can also use NETELLER and Skrill Wallet to deposit funds. Log into my ADSS customer back office and your Wallet account, and once you've made a successful payment, you can get it in just a few minutes.

What is BipiPay?

BipiPay is one of our deposit channels for mainland Chinese customers, and the deposit process involves online banking transfers. The procedure for BipiPay deposit is as follows:

  1. Enter RMB deposit amount in the background of My ADSS customers;
  2. Go to the BipiPay deposit page and get BipiPay payee information;
  3. Use online banking to transfer money to BipiPay payees;
  4. BipiPay payees transfer your RMB money to ADSS;
  5. ADSS converts your RMB money into US dollars and deposits it into your MT4 trading account;

Be sure to enter the correct payee name, payee account number and 13-code transaction number when transferring money on the online bank. Please click here to download the BipiPay deposit guide.

What is GSD Pay?

GSD Pay is one of the deposit channels we provide to customers in Mainland China. The deposit process includes two major steps: purchase of G cards and redemption of G cards. The operation process of GSD Pay deposit is as follows:

  1. Create and log in to the account in GTECH Mall;
  2. Purchase G card;
  3. Use online banking or UnionPay cards to pay the amount needed to purchase the G card;
  4. Enter the G card redemption code, redemption password and redemption denomination on the My ADSS customer background;
  5. After the exchange, your funds will be deposited into your MT4 trading account.

Please click here to download the GSD Pay deposit guide.

Is the deposit channel legal and safe?

ADSS committed to operate its business in accordance with the principles of legal compliance and integrity, and this commitment is also reflected in our choice of suppliers and third-party partners. We select suppliers and third-party partners based on service quality. Only after the legal department evaluates the suppliers and third-party partners,we sign a cooperation contract. Therefore, we are confident to ensure that the deposit channel is legal and safe.

Can I entrust someone else with a deposit?

No. In order to comply with anti-money laundering related laws and prevent third parties from misusing customer bank accounts and MT4 trading accounts, we will not accept third party remittances and withdrawals under any circumstances.

In the process of customer deposits and withdrawals, we will strictly check the identity information of MT4 trading account holders and bank account holders, and deposits and withdrawals can only be completed if the identity is the same.

We encourage customers to submit deposit certificates (wire transfer receipts / online bank transfer certificates / credit card deduction certificates, etc.) to the customer service team [email protected] immediately after depositing. This is convenient for us to track your payments on time. Secondly, it is to ensure that your future withdrawal application will not be delayed.

The content of the deposit certificate must include the bank account name, bank account number, transfer time and transfer amount.

How to make withdrawal?

After logging in to the myADSS Client Portal with email id and password, please click "Withdraw" in the upper right corner of the webpage and then select the appropriate withdrawal channel.

How many type to deposit/withdraw money you have?

We do have severals type of deposit and withdrawal you can check here.

If I used more than 2 type to deposit funds, how can I withdraw money?

Withdrawal can be done in the Client Portal. The withdrawal options are the same as the deposit options. However, if the deposit was done through …