Minimum deposit requirements

Do you have a minimum deposit requirement?

In general, we do not set a minimum deposit requirement, but in order to allow you to trade more flexibly and smoothly, we recommend a first deposit of 500 USD.

Customers who deposit in RMB need to pay attention, the minimum deposit amount of BipiPay and GSD Pay deposit channels is 500 RMB and 3,000 RMB respectively.

How much is the minimum amount of RMB deposit? How much is the maximum?

The limit for each BipiPay deposit is a minimum of RMB500 and a maximum of RMB100,000.

The limit for GSD Pay deposits is a minimum of RMB3,000 and a maximum of RMB499,000.

What is the exchange rate for deposits and withdrawals?
Is the exchange rate fixed?

The exchange rate of deposits and withdrawals is not fixed. We settle customer deposits and withdrawals according to the exchange rate provided by the bank. The bank uses a floating exchange rate system, so our daily deposit and withdrawal exchange rates will also change.

If you want to know the deposit and withdrawal rates today, please contact the customer service team through online consultation or call the free customer service hotline 0080-114-7180.

How much for the minimun deposit and withdrawal for trading account?

There is no minimum deposit, however there are bonuses for certain initial deposits. Please refer to "Promotions" for additional information. There is no minimum withdrawal aswell, however there will be a withdrawal fee of $15.