How do I open an MT4 live account?


Just take 5 minutes to complete the online account opening application form and you can start trading within one or two working days. Opening an account is easy and has only three steps:

  1. According to this to complete the online account opening application form;
  2. upload identity documents and proof of address issued by the Government with photographs;
  3. Read and agree to the terms of the margin business, and then click on submit your application.

To learn more about the procedures for opening a real account, please contact the customer service team through online consultation or by calling the free customer service call 0080-114-7180.

What documents are needed to open a live account?

In order to open a live account with ADSS, you need to submit Proof of Identification (POI) and Proof of Residence (POR). POI can include your passport or government issued ID card. POR can be any of the following: utility bills, bank statement, or tenancy agreement. Both the POI and POR should include the name and address of the applicant as well as the name of the issuing organization and the issue date. Account Application Form in ADSS Website under Legal.

How long does it take to open an account?

The time frame for opening a live account depends on the documents submitted to us and background check. If all required documents are submitted to us, we will perform a background check and your account will be opened. After which you will be able to fund the account through the different deposit methods. Approximately: 1-2 days.