login to MT4


I have opened a real account, how can I log into my MT4 real account?

Thank you for your support of ADSS!

  • The MT4 real account number is a 9-digit number beginning with 222, for example, 222088888.
  • The MT4 Real Account Password is the same as myADSS Client Portal password; please note that if you want to change your MT4 live account password, be sure to log in to myADSS Client Portal to make changes.
  • Live Account Server: ADSS-Live1.

I have signed up for a demo account, how can I log into my MT4 simulation account?

Thank you for signing up for the ADSS Demo Account!

  • The MT4 demo account number is a 7-digit number beginning with 90, for example, 9035106.
  • The MT4 demo account password is sent to your registered email address after registering your account, and if you forget your password or need to change it, please contact the customer service team.
  • Demo Account Server: ADSS-Demo.

The duration of the demo account is usually one month. If you need to request a demo account that will not expire, please contact the customer service team (email: [email protected], toll-free line 0080-114-7180).

My MT4 account name is distorted, can I remove it?

If your MT4 account name is distorted, please contact the customer service team to help remove the distorted code (email: [email protected], toll-free line 0080-114-7180).

I searched for ADSS-Demo, ADSS-Live1, ADSS-Live3 on my phone MT4, which server should I choose?

ADSS Has two MT4 servers, please select the correct server when logging in.

  • Live Account Server: ADSS-Live1
  • Demo Account Server: ADSS-Demo

I forgot the MT4 password, how do I reset it?

The MT4 password is the same as the myADSS Client Portal password, and the steps to reset the password are as follows:

  1. Please open the myADSS Client Portal login page and press "Forgot your password?";
  2. Enter your registration email;
  3. We will email a link to your email address with a reset password, please reset the password as indicated in that email.

Please note that the link to reset your password is valid only for the same day, so you must reset your password on the same day, and after the link is overdue, please re-enter the email for the reset password after the link is expired.

How can I reset my password?

Trading account password can be reset through the Client Portal. Under "Home" tab and "My Profile".