Open an additional account


How do I request/apply an additional account?

Each client can open more than one MT4 trading account, following below steps;

Method 1:
Log in to My ADSS, click on Account, Additional Account and Classic Account in order, and press "Confirm" to receive the successful email of the additional account opening.

Method 2:
Download the additional account application form, fill out all the fields and signature area, and then submit the application form to the customer service team at [email protected].

How many MT4 trading accounts can I apply?

Each client can open a second and third MT4 trading account on his or her own condition. If you need to request a fourth or more MT4 trading account, please contact your account manager or email to the customer service team and we will further assist you with the application procedure.

Can I open more than 1 trading account?

Yes, you can open more than 1 trading account. This can be done through the client portal. Under the "Accounts" tab, and "Additional Account".