CFD Expiry date

Where can I see the expiry date of the price check contract?

Futures CFDs have contract expiration time. We will announce the contract expiration date of the new CFD contract on the official website from time to time. Please click here to view the contract expiration time. Please note that the expiry time of all CFDs is marked by Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), plus 8 hours to add to Taipei time.

If you are not able to close your position before the expiry of the CFD contract, our system will settle your open position at the liquidation price after the contract expires. The liquidation price does not necessarily appear in the MT4 price chart, and we cannot guarantee that the liquidation price of the order is the best price in the market, so we encourage you to pay more attention to the expiration time of the CFD and close the position yourself within the contract expiration time To avoid unnecessary losses.