Account type


What types of trading accounts does ADSS offer?

We offer two types of MT4 trading accounts: standard account, low-margin account (ECN account).

  • Standard accounts
    Open a standard account on our website and enjoy up to 500x leveraged forex trading and precious metals trading with up to 200x leverage, no transaction fees are required during trading, and the trader's trading costs are reflected in the spread in the buy and sell quote.
  • Low-point account (ECN account)
    As long as you deposit US$35,000 into your MT4 standard account, the account can be upgraded to an ECN account to trade at a lower cost; To upgrade to an ECN account, contact your account manager or customer service team.

Does ADSS have an interest-free account?

Unfortunately, we do not offer interest-free accounts to clients in Asia Pacific at this time.