Leverage and margin


Where can I find leverage and dynamic margin information?

From time to time, you may visit our official website or click on the link below to learn about the latest leverage and dynamic margin rates.

Note that the leverage we offer is dynamic leverage, which is adjusted according to the volume level of the different products.

In what cases will my position be forced to close?

In general, we will enforce a closing position for the following two conditions:

  • The margin ratio (also known as the prepayment ratio) in the trading account falls below 50%, and the system will proceed from the order with the largest loss in the account to close the position on a mandatory note until the margin ratio in the account recovers to more than 50%;
  • The client holds a futures CFD and does not close his position on its own before the expiration date of the contract.

Therefore, we encourage clients to deposit more margin in advance to increase their ability to adapt, and to pay more attention to margin and positions in trading accounts.

Please click here to see the expiration date of the Futures CFD contract.

Can I execute a long-empty lock order?

Yes, our MT4 trading system offers lock-only functionality. When you already hold a certain number of orders and then set up the same number of orders in opposite directions, you have reached the "long-short lock order" and neither order takes up the margin.

What is OREX?

OREX is an independently developed trading platform for ADSS, trading more than 60 currency pairs and thousands of CFDs worldwide, providing up to 20 times leverage. This platform is widely used by customers in Hong Kong.