Type of business


What is the closing mode of the order?
Do you bet against customers?

The trading model we use is the STP mode (Straight Through Processing system). The STP model allows us to aggregate quotes from all liquidity providers (banks or other brokers) and provide the best bid and bid prices to clients via the MT4 trading platform, where orders are sent directly to the Forex market and traded at real-time market prices.

In the course of trading in this mode, we create an environment without price fixing and do not intervene artificially with clients' transactions, thus ensuring fairness and transparency.

In contrast to the STP mode is the MM mode (Market Maker). Some Forex traders trade opposite to their clients (also known as "betting”) and hold positions opposite to the client to make a profit, and the client's orders are not delivered to the Forex market for execution.

Do you have a split or an out-of-the-box deal?

Trading in foreign exchange, precious metals and CFDs provided by ADSS is all foreign trading. Over-the-counter trading is more advantageous for traders than in-cap, such as 24-hour non-stop trading, flexible leverage settings, lower forced closing levels, etc. We offer Forex traders up to 500 times leverage and precious metals trading up to 200 times, enabling traders to use their funds effectively.

What type of Broker you are, Dealing Desk or Non-Dealing Desk?

We are STP.

How many liquidity provider do you use?

Capitalisation of US$400 million, has allowed ADSS Group to establish strong relationships with leading tier one liquidity provider.