Quotation and liquidity

Why is your offer/quotation different from other companies?

The foreign exchange market is composed of different financial institutions, including central banks, large banks, small and medium-sized banks, foreign exchange brokers, etc., because of the large number of market participants and scattered around the world, making it a market that is difficult to manipulate quotes.

The foreign exchange market is different from the stock market or the futures market with a fixed trading place. It does not have an exchange that provides central unified quotation, centralized trading and settlement. Therefore, the source of quotation for each broker is not consistent, and the broker can provide The quotations are slightly different. The charts and quotes provided by other brokers or third parties may not necessarily reflect the actual exchange rate that can be traded.

What is the source of the offer from ADSS?

Our offer comes from liquidity providers with good relationships with us, mainly large multinational banks. Trading at ADSS benefits from deep liquidity and competitive buy-to-let spreads, further reducing transaction costs.

Why is the transaction price of my order not displayed on the chart?

We obtain additional profit by adding extra spreads to quotes from liquidity suppliers. The price on the MT4 chart is the best selling price provided to us by multiple ADSS liquidity providers. This price is the original quote without additional spreads, that is, the price on the chart is not what we provide The actual bid or offer price to the trader, so the transaction price of the order does not necessarily appear in the chart.