There are over 10,000 instruments available to trade, and you can find an option to suit your trading style and portfolio. Either trade on the major high-volume currency pairs or find opportunities in more exotic crosses. Alternatively, invest in the global equity indices, the most heavily traded commodities and large capitalisation stocks on a single platform.

With our innovative services, we have changed the way professional and individual clients trade. Leveraged CFDs provide access to multiple asset classes including forex, indices, commodities, treasuries and single stocks.

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Trade 60+ currency pairs, including both major and exotic crosses. The largest, most liquid market in the world, forex is typically traded to diversify investment portfolios and to hedge against exposures in other assets.

At ADSS, we give you the option to trade indices rather than individual equities. This allows you to speculate on the performance of market benchmark, such as the UK 1000. Indices are commonly used by traders to diversify their portfolios and hedge against risk.

Commodities includes everything from crude oil to sugar, which means that they’re the building blocks of the world economy. Commodities like gold are popular with investors as they have long been considered a store of value, also known as a “safe haven” asset.

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