About the ADSS Introducing Broker Programme

  • Suitable for individuals and businesses looking to grow their own client portfolios
  • By introducing client to trade with ADSS, IBs can get commission from each trade their clients made
  • Each IB will have an ADSS account and the commission will be paid directly to the ADSS account
  • Client onboarding/account opening is fast and simple, with comprehensive and transparent reports provided

Unique Advantages for Our IBs

Real time and excellent commissions paid back are completely transparent.

Graphics to show conversion rates, overview of client activity and the commissions generated.

24/7 comprehensive trading reports

Professional trainings for beginner and advanced IBs.

Online marketing support – advanced cookie for tracing webpage traffic, displays, download and registration information

Offline marketing support – sponsorship for promoting IBs’ seminars and training courses.

Promotion support – Launch promotional events from time to time for IB to attract and convert clients (click here to visit the latest event)

Become an ADSS IB

Become an ADSS Introducing Broker

To apply to become an official ADSS introducing broker, all you have to do is fill out the application form below.