Whether you’re a beginner just getting started or an experienced trader following a specific strategy, these are some of the best features and tools of our ADSS MT4 platform:

  • Session Map – plan daily trading activity around high impact news

  • Sentiment Trader – current and historic views of all traded instruments

  • Mini Terminal – simple, one-click trade management

  • Trade Terminal – compact view for multi-product trade management

  • Market Manager – manage all trading activity from a single view

  • Alarm Manager – alerts and notifications linked to any parameters. Account (e.g. margin), Trade Activity (e.g. open/closed trades) and more

  • Correlation Matrix – view and manage correlation between markets

  • Correlation Trader – trade on the correlation between markets during a configurable timeframe

  • Algo Builder – “build your own” algo strategies from 30+ indicators; simple functionality – no coding or development skills needed

  • Excel RTD – export to Excel and set trading parameters

  • Stealth Orders – hide your entry and exit levels from the market

  • Tick Chart Trader – view tick charts in a variety of styles, allowing quick trading through keyboard shortcuts

  • ADSS Candle Countdown – view the time remaining in the current bar

  • ADSS Chart Group – link charts, so that changing one symbol automatically changes the linked charts

  • ADSS Freehand Drawing – draw directly on MT4 charts to mark or highlight events

  • ADSS High-Low – view highs and lows on a chart, from any timeframe and based on any number of bars

  • Smart Lines – add trend-line stop-loss or take profit, multiple partial stops at different prices and time-based stops

  • ADSS Order History – display your historic trades visually on the charts

  • Connect – personalised newsfeed and economic calendar

  • ADSS Pivot – add pivot points to charts to determine directional movement, support and resistance

  • ADSS Renko – draw Renko blocks on a normal MT4 time-based chart as continuous or separate elements

It’s very important to us that ADSS clients enjoy the same, high quality trading experience wherever they are and whenever they want to trade. In addition to remote access through our free VPS service, you can trade from your mobile device. 

  • Trade on the go: use an iPhone/Android phone and tablet apps
  • VPS connectivity: receive remote access from any location/device
  • MAC compatibility: trade with ease from your MAC (Apple) computer

Place trades, change pending orders, apply stops and limits and view real-time charts from your mobile device. The ADSS MT4 platform is available on iPhone, Android devices and tablets. Our mobile platforms are highly customisable, giving you the freedom to trade 24/5.

Service and Support

Dedicated, multilingual support is available 7AM-8PM (GMT) through our service desks. We pride ourselves on offering the highest levels of service and support. As the “voice” of the company, we invest heavily in recruiting only the best candidates and then training them to meet our own specific – and demanding – service delivery standards.

Apply for an ADSS account and download MT4 to start using our excellent trading tools.