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Margin & Leverage

(Price x Quantity) x Margin % = Margin Required in GBP

(Volume x Margin %) = Margin Required in the primary currency of pair traded

ADS Securities London Ltd offers leverage of up to 500:1 on many FX pairs and indices. For many of the equities, margin starts from as low as 5%

If your account falls below 50% margin then we will close out your largest losing position. If it brings you back onside above 50% then we will not close any other positions. Otherwise we will continue to close your positions in order of the largest loss until you are above 50% again.

In the “Account History” tab in the MT4 Terminal, right click and choose the desired period of time. If the “Comments” field is not displayed, then right click and ensure there is a tick next to it. Here you will see the stop out and figures for margin level, equity and margin used at the time the closure was triggered.

Yes, if the account is not fully hedged. The margin close out will be based on the margin level of the overall account. Therefore, if you have hedged positions, but not a perfectly hedged account, you will still be at risk of stop outs in order of the largest losing position first.

(Price x Quantity) x Margin % = Margin Required in underlying currency of the instrument traded

Leverage can be used to increase your exposure on a position, without increasing the cost of trading. Whilst it can result in significantly larger gains if the market moves in your favour, you need to consider that if the market moves against you, it will increase your potential losses accordingly.

All trading carries risk, and with some accounts, losses may exceed your deposit.
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