Orders and Positions

What is the difference between market execution and a pending order?

Market execution enters you into a trade at the current market price. A pending order can be used to specify a price and if the market reaches that value, the order will be triggered and a trade will be opened at the next available price. Please refer to the Execution Policy for the specific product and entity with whom you are trading.

Do you offer guaranteed stop losses?

ADSS can not guarantee a stop loss order. All stop orders will be filled at the first available price, which can potentially mean a worst price than selected for your stop order. There are some instances where your stop will have been triggered even though the chart does not show that the price was reached. This can be attributed to either (a) the charts displaying raw prices and therefore do not account mark up profiles, (b) the charts displaying only one side of the market, or (c) the charts displaying indicative movement which may not be capturing all price updates.

What are the different types of pending order?

Buy Stop – Above Market Price; Sell Stop – Below Market Price; Sell Limit – Above Market Price; Buy Limit – Below Market Price.

What happens to my open positions when I log out of my platform?

Positions remain open until they are either closed manually, or by an order, or when a contract expires.