Best Execution

When trading Spread Bets or Contracts for Difference (CFD) with ADSS, we act as the sole execution venue for your Orders.  This means that your orders are executed via a bilateral transaction with us as the counterparty.

In accordance with FCA Rules, we are required to take all sufficient steps to obtain the best possible result when executing our client’s orders. Our Order Execution Policy applies to both Retail and Professional Clients and provides further information as to how we handle and execute client orders.

Our Pricing

Our CFD live pricing is proprietary prices which are electronically generated by our systems or trading platforms and are based on the prices of the relevant underlying financial instrument. This means that our pricing will take into consideration several factors which may vary depending on the nature of the underlying financial instrument, such as whether the underlying financial instrument is listed on an exchange or any other trading venue, the depth of liquidity available, and how frequently the underlying financial instrument is traded. In respect of shares we provide our derived pricing. 

Further information is available here.

Best Execution Reporting

Our pricing is consistently monitored and assessed to ensure that prices are fair and are delivering on our best execution obligations. 

In accordance with FCA Rules, ADSS publishes information relating to the quality of the execution of client orders by providing the top five execution venues in terms of trading volumes for each class of financial instrument, where they executed client orders in the preceding year, as well as information on the quality of execution obtained.

For further information, please refer to the RTS 28 Annual Execution Disclosure which is available below.

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