Fraud Warning & Suspicious Behaviour Reporting

The following information is provided to help members of the public protect themselves against fraudulent activity involving institutions or individuals claiming to represent, or offer products or services on behalf of, ADS Securities LLC or its affiliates (collectively, “ADSS”).

ADSS employees do not conduct ADSS business via social media platforms (such as Facebook , LinkedIn, Snapchat ,Instagram or Twitter) or via public email services (such as Gmail or Hotmail). Rather ADSS employees only use email managed through ADSS registered domains. Under no circumstances would ADSS and its employees initiate social media messages or emails from public email systems requesting individuals to disclose or confirm their confidential or personal information such as account details or passwords.

Furthermore, if you are contacted by individuals or institutions purporting to be from ADSS, claiming to offer financial services, trading services, loans, requesting monetary deposits, or requesting information such as your account details, personal information or passwords, you should proceed with caution since these individuals or institutions may be engaging in fraud or identity theft. Accordingly, you should validate the relevant individuals or institutions identity before taking any further action including, without limitation, transferring funds or disclosing any information. If you believe that such persons are engaged in fraud or identity theft, you should report them to your local police authority.

ADSS’ official websites operate only under the following domain names:

Brokerage www.

Corporate www.

ADSS Investment Solutions www.  

Facebook (MENA)

Facebook (UK)

Facebook (Asia)

Facebook (Hong Kong)

Facebook (Market News)

Twitter (MENA)

Twitter (UK)

YouTube (MENA)

YouTube (UK)

YouTube (Hong Kong)

Instagram (MENA)

Instagram (UK)

LinkedIn (Global)

LinkedIn (Hong Kong)

Google Plus (Global)

Weibo (Asia)

Youku (Asia)

and these websites are not connected with the hosts of any other websites that may look similar to ADSS’ official websites. You may access ADSS’ websites by typing the above relevant domain name into the address bar of your browser or by bookmarking the genuine website. We recommend that you do not access ADSS’ websites through hyperlinks provided in emails, text messages, social media messages/platforms or pop-up windows.

ADSS bank accounts are only in the following names: ADS Securities LLC; ADS Securities London Limited and ADS Securities Hong Kong Limited. Never transfer money that is intended for ADSS if the beneficiary is not one of the foregoing companies, even if the account belongs to an “employee” of ADSS.

ADSS is aware that the ADSS brand name is sometimes used to perpetrate different kinds of fraud. Some of these scams operate by fraudsters creating “lookalike” or “clone” websites of genuine ADSS websites and others by fraudsters purporting to be ADSS employees and requesting persons to transfer money in to fraudulent bank accounts. While we take no responsibility for the losses caused by such “lookalike” or “clone” websites or from fraudsters purporting to be employees of ADSS, we are dedicated to reducing the instances of such fraud where possible. Accordingly, if you identify any suspicious websites or receive any suspicious messages, in each case, that purport to be related to ADSS, please notify us by emailing [email protected] to or by calling +442037715444.

Things to remember

  • ADSS does not conduct business via social media platforms or public email services.
  • Never click a hyperlink sent to you via social media platforms or public email services purporting to be from ADSS.
  • Never give out your personal, confidential or financial information via social media platforms or in response to emails from public email services.
  • Be wary of unsolicited approaches by public email services, social media or telephone, especially if you are asked to provide personal, confidential or financial information or are pressured to act quickly.
  • Never transfer money that is intended for ADSS if the beneficiary is not one of ADSS’ companies or is to a different bank account than one you have used previously.
  • Never transfer money to a bank account at the request of person purporting to be acting on behalf of ADSS without verifying the authenticity of such request.
  • If you are suspicious about someone that has contacted you purporting to be on behalf of ADSS, contact ADSS using the above phone number or email address and we will confirm the position.

Suspicious Behaviour Involving ADSS Employees

ADSS takes reports of suspicious behaviour or fraudulent activities, including bribery, corruption or exercise of undue influence involving ADSS employees seriously. If you wish to report any suspicious behaviour involving an employee of ADSS, please notify us by email to [email protected] or by calling +971 2 6547 670.

Further Information

There are many agencies that provide information on how you can protect yourself against fraud and cybercrime; an example is the United Kingdom’s Action Fraud agency, whose website is