US Oil

Trade on oil prices via CFDs here at ADSS. One of the most popular commodities, oil price can be extremely volatile, as supply and demand levels constantly change across what is a highly liquid market.

Crude oil is the most commonly traded oil and you can track the latest prices online. It is important to be aware of many factors that affect the price when trading CFDs on oil, such as theories on peak production, political events and the release of production and manufacturing reports. 

Trade on Live Oil Prices

CFD trading on the price of oil allows you to set out your strategy whether you want to go “long” or “short”. Rather than investing in oil itself and running the risk of making losses if the price drops significantly, with a CFD you don’t own the underlying oil. Whether you’re new to trading or experienced in the markets, trading CFDs on the price of oil provides a popular commodity to get started with or a new way to diversify your portfolio. 

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