ADSS offers over 2,000 unique underlying instruments for clients to trade, ensuring expansive market coverage and opportunities for all styles of trader. Whether you are interested in stock specific fundamental analysis or prefer a more diverse approach to investment through index trading, perhaps you have a macro view on interest rate policy and currencies. Whatever your view of the markets there are plenty of different ways to execute your trading strategy with ADSS.

Combined with the extensive product range, our real time pricing, competitive spreads, trading technology and analysis tools ADSS ensures you are adequately equipped to trade the financial markets.

Trade 60+ currency pairs, from the majors like EURUSD and GBPUSD right through to exotic crosses such USDRUB and USDZAR. FX is the most liquid asset class in the world with billions traded every day. FX market participants are from varied backgrounds ranging from speculative high frequency traders to corporate treasuries hedging company currency risk, with vastly different objectives.

ADSS allow clients the ability to trade indices which effectively reflect a specific portfolio of equities, the result of which is a more risk averse strategy to gaining exposure to equities. Global indices are some of the most popular products that clients trade, typically because these are the instruments that people are most of aware of in terms of the publicity that national stock indexes receive in the general press.

Commodities such as Silver, Gold, Oil and Copper are all instruments that have widespread coverage in the media and are thus tend to be popular for clients to trade. Gold is a well known barometer of global risk appetite, whilst the Oil price is consistently prone to supply and demand factors within the global economy.

Since bitcoin’s creation in 2009, cryptocurrencies have grown exponentially, culminating in all the all time highs in late 2017. There are now a number of digital currencies that can be traded as CFDs at ADSS, including bitcoin cash, ripple, ethereum, litecoin, as well as bitcoin itself. This asset class has attracted a whole new segment of market participants who want to participate in the space where finance meets technology.

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