Our Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms and Apps

At ADSS, you can trade cryptocurrency CFDs on bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, litecoin and bitcoin cash on our platforms: OREX and MT4. 

Cryptocurrencies are traditionally held in a “virtual wallet”, but as well as being expensive to maintain, these can also be slow to acquire originally and restrictive when you first open them. However, with CFD trading on cryptocurrencies, you don’t take ownership of the physical currency, so don’t need to own a wallet. Instead, you trade on whether the price of the cryptocurrency will rise or fall in value in relation to the US dollar. 

Browse the information available on our platforms and apps below. 

Trade Cryptocurrency on the Go with OREX

Available to download for free on Windows, iOS and Android devices, OREX allows you to trade cryptocurrencies on the go, right from the palm of your hand on your phone or tablet. Offering exceptionally low latency order processing, you receive reliability at every stage of the trade cycle. 

Benefits of trading cryptocurrencies on the go with OREX include: 

  • Technical analysis
  • View open orders and historical trades 
  • Stop losses and limit orders 
  • One button account deposit/withdrawal 

You can download the OREX trading app today and start trading whenever and wherever you are.  


Powerful and Advanced MT4

MT4 is one of the world’s most popular and widely implemented retail forex platforms. Developed in collaboration with MT4’s development company, MetaQuotes, we can offer the ADSS MT4 solution. In addition to offering you extensive support, you’ll also receive a user-friendly interface and an innovative design. Selected benefits of ADSS MT4 include:

  • Programmed MT4 platform trading strategies 
  • Tools for customising trade indicators 
  • Automated charting – MT4 alarms and signal messages 
  • Live news feeds 

Download OREX   Apply for MT4

Cryptocurrencies, including, without limitation, Bitcoin and Ethereum, are subject to a very high degree of uncertainty and price volatility. Investors in cryptocurrency CFDs are exposed to a number of additional risks not present in more traditional investments. These risks are set out in our Cryptocurrency CFDs – Additional Risk Warnings & Conditions, you should note that this is not an exhaustive list.