Ethereum, also known as “Ether” was created by programmer Vitalik Buterin in 2014 with a purpose of being an open-source, public, blockchain-based computing platform on which smart contracts can be built and run. It’s the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin.  

Ethereum, is a digital platform on which a wide range of applications can be built, including identity software, security programmes, and methods of payment.

Trading Ethereum can be done in a similar way to trading a conventional currency.  However, since it’s virtual, the currency operates outside of a central authority, such as central banks or governments. 


Ethereum trading is only available on OREX, our own multi-asset platform. To trade Ethereum, you would need access to an exchange, besides a virtual wallet which could take several days to acquire. However, when you trade CFDs on Ethereum with us, all you need is an ADSS CFD trading account.

Another advantage of trading Ethereum as a CFD is that it is possible to go short as as well as long meaning that you can benefit from the rise as well as the fall in price against other currencies but remember you never actually own the actual currency

We quote Ethereum against the US dollar and you can trade CFDs on Ethereum by opening long and short positions on our OREX platform.


Ethereum is different than other currencies in the way that it is not affected by news or economic and political events, but its value is affected by the following:


It is different to Bitcoin, as there is no limit to the supply of Ethereum. However, many Ethereum units will continue to be added and or removed from time to time, which may affect its availability.

Strong acceptance

Ethereum is becoming more widely accepted amongst individuals and institutions alike.

Government legislation

Governments are still adapting to cryptocurrencies, with considerations for regulation and new guidelines still being under review in many countries.

Media coverage

Negative news, especially related to security lapses and hacks, can negatively affect the general perspective of Ethereum’s value.

How can I Trade Cryptocurrencies via a CFD?

With ADSS, you can trade a cryptocurrency CFD on:

Risks Of Trading Cryptocurrencies Via A CFD?

Cryptocurrency CFDs are a high risk investment as they can be subject to extreme volatility, and an investor may be exposed to a number of additional risks that may be not be present in CFDs in other asset classes.

For further information on these risks please refer to our Cryptocurrency CFD Risk Warning.