Equity Trading

With ADSS, you can trade single stock CFD and spread bet equities from companies listed on various stock exchanges around the globe, such as Facebook, Apple and Coca-Cola. Trading single stock CFD equities on their own allows you to take a more focused approach when trading equities, as opposed to trading indices.

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When equity trading, traders tend to be more focused on conducting a fundamental analysis of stocks (how the latest global and political news impacts the markets) when fine-tuning a trading strategy. Clients will often focus on specific sectors at the same time.

Equities can be particularly volatile when companies announce their results, which tend to be released quarterly, so it’s recommended you keep an eye on a company’s corporate calendar to keep up-to-date with all its news and events. Equities in the same sector can also be volatile if a rival releases a report.

Some stocks are regarded as defensive or cyclical. Defensive stocks tend to outperform during periods of uncertainty, while cyclical stocks often outperform during periods of strong economic activity.

With ADSS you can trade equities, including the following:

UK Equities US Equities German Equities Other European Equities
  • HSBC Holdings Plc
  • Vodafone Group Plc
  • Sky Plc
  • BT Group Plc
  • Burberry Group Plc
  • Apple Inc
  • Facebook Inc
  • Goldman Sachs Group Inc
  • Adobe Systems Inc
  • Coca-Cola Co
  • Deutsche Boerse AG
  • Deutsche Bank AG
  • Henkel AG & Co KGaA
  • Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Commerzbank
  • Telekom Austria AG
  • Carrefour SA
  • Banco Popular Espanol SA
  • BNP Paribas SA
  • L'Oreal SA

How does ADSS charge for equity trading?

Equity CFDs are charged on a commission schedule. If, for example, you trade UK shares, you’d be charged a commission of 0.08% per trade. The charge is worked in relation to the exposure of the trade undertaken.

Equities covered by region

Region Exchange coverage Margin from Trading Hours
UK Shares FTSE 350 20% 07:01 - 15:30
US Shares S&P 500 20% 13:30 - 20:00
12:30 - 21:00 on some stocks
German Shares DAX 30 20% 07:02 - 15:30
French Shares CAC 40 20% 07:02 - 15:30

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