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FX Trading

The Foreign Exchange (FX) market is the largest, most liquid, market in the world. In addition to trading for profit – also known as speculative trading - Forex is traded typically to diversify investment portfolios and to hedge against exposures in other assets. What is Forex Trading The Foreign Exchange (FX) market is the largest, most liquid, market in the world. Larger than the stocks and futures markets combined. How Forex trading works Due to the sheer size of the trading volume - $5.3 trillion traded daily - and a continuous advancement in technology, the Forex market is being accessed by more and more traders. ...

Spread Betting

ADS MT4 Plus – a unique Spread Betting platform Available to UK residents only, this service is a tax free* alternative to trading. ADS Securities London has a truly unique spread bet offering that combines the advanced features and functionality of the world’s most popular trading technology – MT4 – to offer spread bets in over 250 instruments. Unlike other companies, we show market rates – what you see is what you get. A small commission is charged for spread bets on equity products only; all other spread bet products are commission free. *Tax law can change and may depend upon your individual ...

Market Information

Important Information: FX Commission charged in account base currency equivalent Minimum Commission on FX $3.50 Swap point adjustments will be made on FX trades held overnight CFD products are traded in the product's Local Currency Equities will have a minimum charge of 3.5 charged in the product's local currency Dividend adjustments will be made according to the exposure and underlying position All Spread bet products are traded in GBP

All trading carries risk, and with some accounts, losses may exceed your deposit.