Why Choose ADSS as Your Bitcoin Broker?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and it can be traded in a similar way to traditional currencies. The main difference is that a bitcoin account or virtual wallet is required to buy and sell physical bitcoins, with transactions powered and verified by blockchain technology.

This can take a longer time to process compared to trading traditional currencies and many bitcoin accounts have limitations in terms of how much can be traded within 24 hours.

Instead, at ADSS you can trade CFDs on bitcoin. CFD trading allows you to go short or long, offering you the chance to speculate on whether bitcoin’s value will rise or fall.

Benefits of Trading CFD on Bitcoin

There are many advantages for choosing to trade CFDs on bitcoin with ADSS:

  • Trade on leverage with margins that start from 25%
  • Size flexibility with a minimum of one CFD equivalent to one unit of bitcoin
  • Capitalise on up or downtrends with the ability to go long or short
  • CFDs are quoted against the US dollar

Choosing ADSS as your bitcoin broker allows access to our advanced MT4 Plus trading platform along with bitcoin trading apps such as OREX Mobile. This means you can trade CFDs from anywhere in the world. Customer service is available for 24 hours, six days a week.

Bitcoin information is constantly updated, so you will be trading on real-time data, and will be able to trade CFDs on bitcoin as the market changes.  

Open an account at ADSS with a £200 deposit to start trading CFDs on bitcoin.