CFD Prices & Charts

As well as offering CFD trading, ADSS can help guide you with your trades with our CFD Prices and Charts. These display live market prices for some of our most traded instruments. For example, when trading currency pairs such as the “[GBP USD]” you can look to identify trends and use this live information to inform your CFD trade decisions.

Our CFD Prices and Charts can be useful for you whether you’re an experienced trader, casual trader, or a beginner. However, for those of you who are just starting out they can also be a great way for you to develop your analysis skills and help you to better understand the markets. 

Equally, they can still help seasoned traders by providing potentially valuable insights into some of our most popular traded instruments and can help you to better recognise the potential risks. 

Examples of Live CFD Prices

In order to make the most of this additional support from ADSS, take a look below at some of our example live prices. 

Here's a short list with live market CFD Prices for the most traded instruments, based on the ADSS account types that you can choose from:


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