CFD Trading Platforms

With an ADSS account, you can trade CFDs from your smartphone and tablet, thanks to our platforms and apps: OREX and MT4. These are free to download and allow you to trade wherever and whenever you like. 

With this degree of flexibility to trade CFDs, you can react to the markets in real-time, regardless of where you may be. This means that you can speculate on either rising or falling prices and never miss an opportunity to trade. In addition to this, we also offer a desktop platform, complete with the most thorough analysis and charting tools, which can help guide your strategy. 

Browse the information below to find your perfect platform with ADSS. 

Trade CFD On the Go with OREX

OREX is a proprietary, multi-asset platform developed by ADSS. It offers exceptionally low latency order processing, delivering intuitive navigation, quick and efficient position management, risk management and reliability at every stage of the trade cycle.

It’s available to download for free for Windows, iOS and Android devices, and enables you to trade CFDs everywhere in the world from the palm of your hand. Benefits include: 

  • Technical analysis features
  • The ability to view open and historical trades 
  • Add stop losses and limit orders 
  • A notification centre to help alert you to price movements 

You can download the OREX trading app today. 

Innovative and Powerful MT4

Developed in collaboration with MetaQuotes, the ADSS MT4 platform includes the liquidity, pricing and support services of ADSS, all in one powerful platform. As well as extensive support, the MT4 platform also comes complete with a user-friendly interface, impressive and wide-ranging functionality, plus an innovate design. Key benefits of the MT4 platform include:

  • Programmed MT4 platform trading strategies 
  • The ability to customise trade indicators 
  • Automated charting
  • Advanced charting and analysis tools
  • Community-sourced indicators and MT4 expert advisors 
  • Full mobile functionality to access MT4 on iOS and Android devices

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