How to Spread Bet

If you are looking to start spread betting, then it is important to have a thorough understanding of what this is and how the process works first. 

Below you can find out more about spread betting and how you can begin doing this with ADSS. 

What is Spread Betting?

With financial spread betting, you speculate on the price movement of a particular financial market. This could be something like currency pairs, indices, shares or commodities, and rather than owning the underlying asset you instead speculate on whether the market price of these will go up or down. 

The profit or loss you make is determined by how accurate your predictions are on the price movements of your chosen financial instruments.

Spread Betting Processes Explained

To look at this process in more detail, you could look to take the following steps to successfully begin spread betting:

Open a Spread Betting account with ADSS

Click the link below to set up your spread betting account with ADSS. This will allow you to access the MT4 Plus platform that offers spread bets in more than 250 different instruments – as well as many more useful resources and tools. 

Choose your markets

After this, you can choose the financial markets in which you’d like to place your spread bets.

Open a spread betting position

If you think that the underlying financial instrument will increase in value, you’d open a betting position by placing a “buy” bet, however if you think this will fall you place a “sell” bet. 

Analyse the markets

You can then monitor the performance of your open spread bets and decide when to close these.

Close your spread bet

By placing the opposite bet in your chosen instrument for the same point value, you can then close your bet(s).