Open a Spread Betting Account

Much like CFD trading, spread betting is the preference of many investors because rather than actually buying a product, you instead “buy” or “sell” bets on the future price movement of your chosen trading instrument. In other words, you can profit on both the falling and rising market without owning the asset. 

Spread betting is also popular because it is tax efficient and you have access to 100s of financial markets including forex, indices, shares and many more. This is something a Spread Betting account with ADSS can also offer, as our platform can allow you to access these trading varied markets. 

The Advantages of Opening a Spread Betting Account with ADSS

As well as offering access to such markets, there are plenty of other benefits of opening a Spread Betting account with ADSS.

Our spread bet offering is unique in that we combine the functionality and advanced features found with MT4, to give you spread bets in more than 250 instruments. 

ADSS can also provide you with additional customer support and access to live spread betting prices and charts. These charts can be useful for helping you refine your spread betting strategy.

Spread bet products do not face any commission fees. 

Open your Spread Account Today

To make the most of this, simply click below to open a Spread Betting account with ADSS today. You can also open a free Demo account first if you want to practice of refine your spread betting skills before you start for real.