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Forex VPS Trading

What is Forex VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. The technical definition of a VPS is a virtual machine running on a data-center server with elements tailored to the user’s needs. Essentially, it’s the same as using a physical computer that you never have to shut-down, it’s not affected by power cuts, internet connection failures, computer viruses, or any other third party-related issues that may affect your home computer. These features make VPS the ideal technical environment solution for Forex and CFD trading.

ADS Securities London will provide you with a Free Forex VPS when you open an account with us and trade a minimum 10 lots per calendar month.

Forex VPS Benefits on MT4

  • Free of charge (subject to minimum trade activity/account type below)
  • Minimum £5,000 on deposit OR over 10 lots traded per calendar month
  • Free to all ECN account holders
  • Lightning fast execution supports automated/algorithmic (Expert Advisor) trading strategies available on ADS MT4 Plus
  • Trade 24/5 from any computer, smart phone or tablet device
  • No need to stay logged in to your PC/Mac to monitor/manage trading activity
  • Run your EAs with no constraints, or limitations

Trading in derivatives carries risks. Losses can exceed deposits.

Available at no charge to all ADS London Account holders (subject to minimum deposits/trading activity), ADS London VPS is used primarily to support automated and algorithmic (Expert Advisor) trading strategies.

By running your ADS London trading account on remote servers within the secure, ADS Securities trading infrastructure (servers in London, New York and Tokyo), the ADS London VPS service removes restrictions imposed by having to keep your computer (PC/Mac) logged in to ADS London service to manage and execute trades.

Furthermore, you can access your trading environment remotely, at any time, from any device – computer, phone, tablet – anywhere in the world.

All trading carries risk, and with some accounts, losses may exceed your deposit.