Advanced Investment Course

There are many investment analysis technical indicators, but how to implement and use these indicators is not simple. ADSS has prepared advanced investment courses in technical analysis for our clients to help them improve their trading and investment skills.

Through these courses, you can learn the advantages and disadvantages of each technical indicator, how to select and use different technical indicators to analyze market conditions and practical use of these indicators to trade.

Once open an ADSS account successfully and deposit HKD 30,000 or more*, you can join these courses for free.

*HK$30,000 is the cumulative deposit within six months. HK reserves the right to cancel, modify, suspend or delay the courses at any time and without notice.

Advantages of the course

  • From basic knowledge to advanced skills, including theory and practice
  • Comprehensive use of various indicators
  • Practical use of various indicators
  • Interactive courses to solve problems during the learning process
  • Quiz check your understanding
Two sessions, 75 minutes for each session

By submission, I acknowledge that ADSS may contact me via phone or e-mail with information on ADSS’s products, services, promotional offers and trading education, and assist me in using the platform. For more details please check ADSS’s Personal Information Collection Statement.

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