Channel Yeung

ADSS Research Analyst, APAC

Channel is graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, major in political science. Channel specializes in figuring out an overall picture of the future trend in currencies, commodities and stock markets through macro-economic analysis with financial policies imposed by their central banks and government. He has in-depth understanding and knowledge on the financial impact of policies' direction, economic indicators and geopolitical situation, while his reports and analysis are capable to capture investment opportunities for clients.

Channel has always been invited as guest speaker and lecturer in seminars and talks held in Asia region, including Hong Kong, the Mainland and Taiwan. In Hong Kong, he has participated in seminars organized by Etnet and HKEJ.

Retail Sales

Lewis Chow

Retail Sales Manager

Lewis Chow graduated from Simon Fraser University majored in Economics. After moving back to Hong Kong in 2009, he has been working mainly in the retail financial industry. He has worked in various banks and financial institutions, in which he accumulated much knowledge on different investment products. Lewis is currently a Retail Sales Manager in ADSS. He is specialised in providing professional market analysis to clients in order to help them make proper investment decisions.


Adrian Hui

Retail Sales Manager

Adrian is graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a bachelor degree (Hons) in Business Administration (Information System and Finance). He possesses almost 10 years of experience in investment and trading and had worked as a Research Analyst before.

He is proficient in Technical Analysis with continuous study on trading skills and trading psychology. He is able to apply various technical indicators for trading strategies and trend analysis.

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