We regularly update our Economic Calendar, ensuring that your view is accurate and reliable. The calendar includes GDP reports, unemployment and interest rate announcements, manufacturing production reports and much, much more.  

It is a great place to check on the latest news and reports from financial markets across the globe. At a glance, you can see chart information and history. You can filter by country, time, category and level of importance. This allows you to narrow down the selection of upcoming events. You can also search directly with the event name, to see when it will be taking place if you are unsure. 

Macroeconomic data plays an important part in defining strategies for fundamental and news traders, which means that the information provided by our Economic Calendar is vital. It is also useful for other trading styles, too. This is because it can help plan for times when higher levels of volatility are predicted, allowing you to better manage your trades.  

Open an account with ADSS today and you will be able to use our Economic Calendar when placing your trades.