OREX – Trade FX

Our OREX platform is available to download and use on both desktop and mobile devices. Low latency, a fast pricing infrastructure and connectivity to multiple liquidity providers, using a very fast aggregation engine, mean that it provides the best bid/offers on desktop. Orders are processed within seven milliseconds of being received, making high frequency trading with low latency order processing highly effective.  

Download OREX Desktop

OREX Mobile

OREX Mobile, the new generation forex trading app from ADSS, makes it easy to keep your currency trading up to date whatever time and wherever you are. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the app is easy to use and designed to maximise your forex trading experience. Features include:

  • Product Selector, Search and WatchList
  • Working Orders screens (Stop and Limit Orders)
  • View Open Orders and Historical Trades

TREX – Trade Securities and Futures

The TREX platform includes a range of advanced features that make trading securities and futures from your desktop fast, convenient and successful. 

  • World-class analyst research with real-time news and market data*
  • Real-time monitoring through the account window. Set up watchlists, alerts and more
  • Custom-designed algos and trading tools to improve your trading environment
  • Sophisticated risk-assessment technology

For simulated trading practice, register for a free Demo account to use with our TREX platform. This enables those new to trading to practice using the platform on desktop risk-free, while experienced traders can test out any strategies before putting them into place on the live securities and futures markets.

Download TREX Desktop

TREX Mobile

*Additional fee applies for real-time market data. For details, please refer to www.adss.com/en-hk/products/securities/market-data-en/.