Two Factor Authentication Information

OREX is linked to the SalesForce Authenticator app, which you will have to download when using our forex trading platform for the first time. Through this, you are provided with a one-time passcode for OREX 2FA registration, which remains valid for 90 seconds. Once 2FA has been activated on your desktop computer or mobile and your user identification has been verified, you will be ready to trade. 

Every login to the OREX platform, whether on desktop or mobile, requires 2FA verification. This is to comply with SFC regulation and keep your forex trading platform and account as secure as possible. 

OREX 2FA technology is also soft-token and not SMS-based, which means changing SIM card does not impact the 2FA code generation, but the same smartphone needs to be used. If you do change phone, then you will have to setup again for safety purposes, as we do not know who could be in possession of your smartphone.   

Download OREX

Open an account with ADSS and download the OREX platform for desktop and/or mobile to start trading over 60 currencies on the forex market. Thanks to 2FA, any important financial information linked to your OREX account will be safe and secure. We recommend you back up your account to make it easy to retrieve should you lose your mobile phone. 

Download OREX