Features include:

  • Low latency, a fast pricing infrastructure, co-located with many liquidity providers in Equinix data centres. This offers connectivity to multiple LPs, through cross-connects or lease lines. It also uses a very fast aggregation engine that can process tens of thousands of ticks per second and subsequently provide the best bid/offers with low latency. 
  • High-frequency trading with low latency order processing. With OREX on your desktop, you can see orders processed within seven milliseconds of them being received. This includes risk checking and routing to the best liquidity source and means that thousands of orders can be processed per minute without increased latency.
  • FIX/API and GUI options are all available. The GUI is created by traders, for traders and is also supported by a professional product development team. This team is all from ex-tier one banks. 
  • Full featured, low latency FIX/API for pricing and trading.
  • Co-locations options. This includes fibre or copper cross connects that can be provided to the OREX platform.
  • Monitoring of real-time system latency using Corvil. This is an industry leader in platform analytics. 

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