Trade Bitcoin Futures 

Trade on the price of bitcoin with bitcoin futures and futures options (FOPs). There are various benefits to trading bitcoin futures over investing in the cryptocurrency itself. It provides a better risk management strategy as the bitcoin futures market is a lot less volatile. Greater price transparency and the ability to go long or short adds more flexibility to speculating on price movements in either direction.

Plus, you do not own the underlying cryptocurrency when trading bitcoin futures. There is no need to worry about acquiring a “virtual wallet” or requiring it to rise in value to make any returns on your investment. Whether your strategy relies on the price of bitcoin rising or falling in the future, it is possible to implement either into your plan to hedge against risk and diversify your portfolio.

Open an Account and Download TREX

Open an ADSS account to start trading bitcoin futures on our advanced TREX platform. This includes real-time technical and fundamental analysis tools for monitoring bitcoin futures to develop your strategy. Designed to deliver an effective trading experience for new and experienced traders, it is free to download for desktop.