Futures Products

Trade a wide range of futures products including stocks, options, bonds and ETFs with ADSS. All the futures products available are traded from over 60 market centres in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. They provide a great way to start trading futures or diversify your existing portfolio. 

Using our TREX platform, you can trade all available futures products with one single account, all from the same place. This makes it simple to add any futures products to your portfolio, whether you want to focus on a particular one or expand to trade a variety.

Futures and FOPs

The TREX platform includes real-time technical, fundamental and price/risk analysis tools for monitoring futures products and developing an effective trading strategy. Further advanced trading tools included with the TREX platform that can assist in trading futures include: 

  • SpreadTrader: Easily create combo orders and spreads from 18 predefined strategies. Alternatively, form your own leg-by-leg positions. 
  • ComboTrader: Make unique combination orders leg-by-leg or create complex combination orders using named strategy templates. 
  • Index Arbitrage Meter: View the extent of the premium or discount of the lead month futures price above or below its fair future value, with respect to the index price.
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