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Stocks, options, futures, bonds and ETFs securities products are all available to trade for our clients. With over 1.6 billion positions opened with ADSS and climbing, we are a trusted and reliable option for both new and experienced traders looking to add any type of securities to their portfolio. 

Securities trading products are available from over 60 market centres in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Therefore, real time quotes and monthly charges for everything from HKFE Derivatives to NYMEX are detailed in the appropriate currency. 

Real Time Quotes

  Hong Kong Monthly Charges
1 HKFE Derivatives HKD100
2 HKEx (Stocks, Warrants, & Bonds) HKD225
3 Hang Seng Indices HKD15
  United States* Monthly Charges
4 CBOT Real-time: USD 6.00
5 CME Real-time: USD 6.00
6 COMEX Real-time: USD 6.00
7 NYMEX Real-time: USD 6.00

Notes: * the above market data fees of the US markets are applicable for Non-Professional-Subscribers only.

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All the available market data is clear and transparent to help best inform your trading plan and strategy. Add securities products to your existing portfolio or start trading for the first time with this accurate and reliable information, when you open an account with ADSS.

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