Securities Products

When trading securities with ADSS Hong Kong, not only can you make the most of our innovative TREX trading platform, you can also find that there are trading products available from more than 60 market centres in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. 

More specifically, our securities products include stocks, options, futures, bonds and ETFs. Take a look below to find out more about a selection of our securities products and what options are available to you when you trade with ADSS Hong Kong.


  • ADSS Hong Kong have stocks available on over 60 market centres around the world.
  • TREX can tell you the number of shares that are available to short, the current interest rate charged on borrowed shares and current Fed Funds rate.
  • Our ‘Short Stock Availability Tool’ allows you to search for the real-time availability of shortable stocks.
  • TREX also provides a variety of specialised stock trading tools.


  • ADSS Hong Kong provides bonds from North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • We can offer multiple fixed income bonds.
  • When trading on TREX you can get customer bond quotes. You may see and place bid and offer quotes for US Corporate bonds. Non-marketable limit orders that meet or exceed the existing best quote will be included in the IB market data for other IB clients to trade.
  • TREX also provides all comparable bonds in one place as it automatically displays a table of these for each bond order. You can even submit a request for a quote on any of the presented bonds in this table.
  • The ‘US Corporate Bonds’ scanner tool in TREX can scan the bond markets on any criteria.
  • All bond orders are ‘SmartRouted’. ADSS Hong Kong routes to multiple bond market centres including BondDesk, Knight BondPoint, MuniCenter, NYSE Arca Bonds, and Tradeweb.
  • You can submit a request for a quote on a bond that has no existing quote. This can potentially improve on an existing quote or get you a quote for a particular trade size.


  • ADSS Hong Kong offers ETFs from North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • You can trade ETFs like stocks and make the most of short-term fluctuations in the market.
  • You can invest in a wide range of equity and bond indices on 28 exchanges in 14 countries, including short ETFs and leveraged ETFs.
  • There’s greater liquidity when trading ETFs.
  • ETFs are supported in options trading and short selling.
  • You can enjoy greater transparency through daily reporting of the ETFs’ holdings.

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