Swap-free Trading
with ADSS

We offer accounts on FX and precious metals to traders who do not want to pay or receive overnight fees. Swap-free status is available on our MT4 trading platform

Benefits of a swap-free account

  • All costs and charges are included in the spread
  • Priced directly from spot FX markets
  • Available on a wide range of currencies and precious metals
  • No overnight charges
  • Leverage up to 500:1
  • Dedicated support from our trading services team to help you set up your account
  • Pay no commission on your trades

How it works

Once you have opened your swap-free account, you will enjoy swap-free trading as long as your equity level is below $30,000. If it exceeds that amount, the following rules will apply: 

  • If your position exceeds the lot sizes listed below, charges will be applied.

  • If your ticket is open for more than ten days, charges will be applied.

See below a full list of the commodities and currencies you can trade. Click here to read our swap-free terms and conditions.

What you can trade

We offer maximum net open positions on the following products. Any FX pair you trade must include two of the currencies listed below for them to be classed as swap-free.

Currency Lot Size Currency Lot Size
AUD 50 SEK 200
CAD 50 SGD 25
CHF 40 USD 40
EUR 35 Silver 45
GBP 30 Gold 15
HKD 150 Platinum 15
NOK 200    

MT4: YOUR powerful
trading PARTNER

  • Competitive spreads and fees.
  • Research and training tools available.
  • Advanced, customisable charting.
  • Automated trading.
  • Live newsfeeds.
  • Trading signals.
  • Expert Advisor plugins.
  • Trade in 39 different languages.

All swap-free accounts are subject to you submitting your request through our client portal, and you accepting the additional terms for a swap-free arrangement, before your account is approved. Only one swap-free account is permitted per client.