Looking to enter the financial markets for the first time? Not sure where to start? Discover how you can create your very own trading strategies for forex pairs, plus commodities such as gold and oil, cryptocurrencies, indices and single stocks.


Do you know your bulls from your bears? Ever wondered what the difference is between fundamental and technical analysis?

Learn about these trading topics and more with our 10-part video course for new investors.

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What's On The Videos?

1. Let’s Start At The Beginning

Explains what trading actually is, how it started and what are the different types of markets that you can trade.

6. The Basic Trading Chart

This video takes you through a trading chart and explains how price history is recorded by blocks of time and how you can interpret this data to make trading decisions.

2. What Moves Price?

Trading is all about buying and selling. This video defines what is price and how external factors (known as fundamental) can influence price movements.

7. Technical Talk For Traders

In this video we will assess the differences between technical analysis and fundamental analysis and how traders anticipate price movements from both philosophies.

3. Trading Terminology

Get to know the difference between a bullish or bearish market and discover how price trends can actually show a clear pattern.

8. Introduction To Technical Analysis

Discover why price action is important and learn about the many tools and indicators that are available to assist a trader with technical analysis.

4. Foundation Of Forex

The Foreign Exchange market (known as FX or Forex) is the most traded market by far in the world. Our 4th video looks at why it’s popular with traders of all levels.

9. Start With A Simple Strategy

It is time to start formulating your trading strategy. These are the rules you must follow and a number of checkboxes that must be ticked before a trade is placed.

5. Spotlight On Forex

We expand on some of the trading components that particularly relate to Forex. These include pips, bid/ask prices, leverage and margin.

10. Let’s Get Started

Learn about trading platforms, the importance of stop losses and lastly, how to stay away from the computer screen when your trades are live.

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