Covid-19 And

The Forex Market

Introducing the latest ebook from the ADSS research team, which examines the ongoing pandemic and currency trading. It’s free to download and could help you formulate a trading strategy

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted the financial markets, and in particular forex pairs.

So how will the coronavirus affect currency trading in the future? And where are the opportunities for traders?

Find out by downloading our free ebook, COVID-19 And The Forex Market.

It’s full of expert analysis and market sentiment to help you make informed trading decisions during these volatile times, whether you trade major, minor or exotic currency pairs.




Analysis of the rollercoaster ride many global currencies have been on since the start of 2020, because of the coronavirus.
Info on what governments around the world are doing to kickstart their economies.
A breakdown of the currencies still regarded as ‘safe havens’, despite ongoing market volatility caused by the pandemic.
Insights into what the future holds for emerging markets currencies (and the opportunities they might offer investors).