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We’re committed to providing you a fair, transparent and, most importantly, safe trading environment.

  • Stringent regulation
    We operate in the MENA region, Europe and Asia, and are proud to be licenced and regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) in Hong Kong.
  • Your data is protected
    Our commitment to cybersecurity means your personal data (including credit card information) is safe. We’re proud to have been accredited the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for the management of information security and the protection of sensitive information for the seventh year in a row.
  • Risk management
    Making sure our traders can manage their risk accordingly is of vital importance to us. We offer stop-loss orders and trailing stops, plus you can limit the risk of a negative account balance with our automatic stop outs at 50% margin level.*
  • Respected by our peers
    Since 2011, we have been regularly recognised by our industry peers for our commitment to excellence, quality trading platforms and exceptional customer service. In 2019 alone, we won the following awards:
    The Forex Expo Dubai
    Best Forex Broker
    Global Forex Awards
    Best Middle Eastern
    Forex Broker
    Global Investor MENA Awards
    Broker of the Year,
    United Arab Emirates


There’s a simple way to make sure you are talking to a genuine member of the ADSS team. We’ll never do any of the following:

  • Guarantee you will make lots of money.
  • Tell you that trading can change your life.
  • Make promises that are too good to be true.
  • Provide customer testimonials that claim they made vast amounts of money.
  • Call you on a mobile phone to set up an account.
  • Call you from another jurisdiction (ADSS London staff would never call MENA residents).
  • Withdraw money from your account. Only you have access to your funds.
  • Tell you to withdraw funds.
  • Give you trading advice.
  • Trade on your behalf or open an account for you.
  • Play down the risks associated with trading.
  • Only highlight the potential rewards.

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 Read any terms and conditions thoroughly before signing up to a brokerage.

 Never send money unless it’s a bank transfer, or use a verified payment channel such as Visa or MasterCard. We also offer Neteller and Skrill for easy funding.

 Do not share your security code, such as CVVs, card details, PIN and other passwords with anyone, including agents. ADSS staff will never ask for your card details or one-time password (OTP).

 Never send money to agents or to a person’s personal account. Our trading services team will always give you our company account number to send your funds to. We never use independent agents or intermediary parties.

 Create your own usernames and passwords. Never use a password and username you have not created yourself.

* T&CS apply. While a 50% automatic stop out margin level reduces the risk of a negative balance, it does not guarantee it. Extreme market volatility can still mean an account balance can go negative.