Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Artificial Intelligence enhances China’s position in the trade war


China’s present innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence and the launch of AI's use in medical, scientific, economic and service sectors will serve as a strong suit as it faces US tariffs.
China has spent 12 trillion dollars focusing on AI in 2017. According to a study released by the Chinese Center of AI Development, AI contributed to an increase in the productive capacity of China’s vital sectors, adding up to 500 billion dollars to the gross national product (GNP).
Studies indicate that China allocated 320 billion dollars for the development of AI on education, as a catalyst tool in developing a curriculum for shaping a new generation of professionals in this field to serve as a global model and even be emulated by the US, compelling the rest of the world to adopt these new systems to keep up with China. 
Additionally, China has launched 66 thousand Artificial Intelligence business incubators heading towards establishing business start-ups that would be fully operational under AI, as a strategic shift in the Chinese economy, qualifying it to face more challenges and a growth of 7% or more. On the other hand, the US has spent 180 billion on AI. While China occupies 48% of the total global share of companies that have adopted AI, the US occupies only 38%.
And as the world shifts into the new age of Artificial Intelligence, the country that follows this route from the beginning will impose its international role no matter who follows. The question here is can the US surpass China in the field of AI when it would seem that China has taken a more serious approach with education and services involving AI.
ADSS issued a study last year on the importance that Artificial Intelligence holds and that countries which adopt this concept will be superior and maintain their position on a new world economic map.