Thursday, September 13, 2018

DOWJONES - 14 September 2018


Fundamental Highlights

U.S. equity benchmarks closed higher after Thursday's session. This rally came mainly from gains in the technology and healthcare sectors that pushed shares higher. Moreover, the good news that the U.S. and China will sit again and talk, in an effort to avoid the additional tariffs that Trump spoke about during last Friday's interview, has made traders optimistic about the future of the market. As long as good news continues to come from the U.S., we may see even more upward moves for U.S. stocks and of course on the other hand, if Trump decides to make more rivals and bring bad news then we may see a downturn.

Technical Analysis

The Dow had a strong bullish move during yesterdays session reaching new 6-months high. During today's session, although a slight slip is possible, the index may continue towards the 26205 level with the possibility of breaking this resistance. During this session the Dow is a strong buy as long as we continue to hear good news especially from the U.S. and its talk with China.

Support: 26096 25979
Resistance: 26205 26240

Chart (H1)