In addition to this, as these work within blockchain technology, they are digital assets rather than physical ones and they can be traded around the clock, giving investors more opportunities. 

With ADSS you can open an account and trade CFDs on a variety of these different cryptocurrencies, rather than trading these via an exchange with a “virtual wallet” – which can often be slow and costly. 

With CFDs you do not take ownership of the cryptocurrency itself, instead you trade on the rising or falling price movements of it against the US dollar.

Why Trade Cryptocurrency CFD with ADSS?

ADSS offer cryptocurrency CFDs on popular assets such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

There are also plenty of other reasons to choose ADSS for this, these include:

  • Options to go long or short on your trading and trade on leverage 
  • More flexibility on your trades, as one CFD is equal to one unit of your chosen cryptocurrency
  • The chance to make the most of the ADSS MT4 trading platform
  • Access to ADSS support and our live cryptocurrency price charts

Open your Cryptocurrency Trading Account

So, if you want to make the most of all of this, open your cryptocurrency CFD trading account today. We also have demo accounts available for you to try, if you want to learn more about these markets first.