Trade on Leverage

At ADSS it’s possible to trade currency on margin or leverage. This means you only need to hold a small proportion of your overall market exposure when opening a trade, maximising potential returns while reducing the initial outlay. 

The proportion or percentage you have to put down will depend on the margin or leverage settings of your trading account (which are decided when you open a currency trading account). Long and short selling is also possible with a currency trading account, enabling traders to benefit from forex market movements in either direction. 

Compare Currency Trading Accounts

There are two main currency trading account options available at ADSS, to accommodate your unique requirements:

  • Classic account: Access high levels of liquidity, charting packages, competitive spreads and fees and fast execution of forex trades.
  • Auto Trading account: “Mirror” the currency trades of experienced and successful professional traders in a secure and transparent manner with an auto trading account.

Open a currency trading account that meets your needs with ADSS. New traders or those wanting to test out a forex trading strategy can open a free demo account first to practise on a simulated version of the currency market first.

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