Unlike trading bitcoin with a virtual wallet or bitcoin account, you don’t need to worry about such charges when trading CFDs. Bitcoin prices are quoted against the US dollar (USD), with it growing from the early value of US$0.003 to highs of US$19,783.06 in December 2017. 

At ADSS we offer competitive costs and charges when trading CFDs on bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Currency Conversion

Use our bitcoin currency converter to discover the current rate of one bitcoin in a range of different currencies. It’s quick and easy to use, providing an up-to-date price for working out a good sense of its worth. Regulation, supply and demand and technology changes can affect its price.

You can trade on leverage with flexibility on trade size. This allows traders to increase gains from a lower starting investment, with a $500 deposit required to open an account that provides full market access to start trading CFDs on bitcoin. Four funding currencies are available too (GBP, EUR, USD and PLN).